Ahmed Fahmy

a professional graphic designer with more than six years of experience in the pro wrestling industry, I worked with many respected clients from all over the world.
I started learning graphic design principles and techniques 10 years ago, I'm doing my best to improve my skills and learn new techniques.
I started creating content on Youtube related to movie artworks analysis and review, then I  started creating satirical comedy content on another channel.  


Clients I've worked with //


 2013 - Present        Freelance Graphic Designer

  • Designed Eye-Catching posters, flyers & promotional materials for Pro Wrestling shows all over the world.

  • I worked with prestigious wrestling promotions in Germany, the US, and the UK. 

  • I worked on some independent Movies' posters.

  • I created the graphics and visual identity of many well-known pro wrestling shows.


After high school, I joined the Faculty of Engineering, Alexandria University, and after the first year, I joined the Department of Architecture and studied the principles of architectural design and other study materials related to architecture.